Prevent accidents with workers and pedestrians in harsh industrial environments
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SafEye-Nano is the worlds first long range intelligent camera for industrial machines that can distinguish between pedestrians and other objects reducing accidents between pedestrians and other machines. 

DotNetix has been leading the development of intelligent long range camera systems for industrial applications through innovative technologies. DotNetix is committed to increasing the safety of workers in their working environments whether operating in mining, industrial or construction.

The cost of an accident to any business is severe. DotNetix's object detection cameras reduces risk where machines and pedestrians interact. The SafEye-Nano system drastically reduces fatalities and injuries on industrial sites. 

DotNetix is a leading provider of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and products, offering scalable solutions for companies that requires new methods and technologies to solve industrial safety problems.

DotNetix uses Deep Neural Networks to "train"our intelligent camera to detect pedestrians and has therefor improved performance over other safety camera systems on detection accuracy and reliability. This is crucial for industrial applications where quality and affordability is required in one solution. 

We make machines "see"