About Dotnetix

Dotnetix (Pty) Ltd is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for mining and industrial safety equipment, services and products. Our technology is based on the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and stereoscopic vision (3D) technology.

Dotnetix prides itself for developing the first long range 3D camera system that can detect pedestrian and mining machines at long distance.

With our technological expertise,our in-depth knowledge of our markets and the technical requirements, Dotnetix is well positioned to become a global leader in mining and industrial safety applications. due to our artificial intelligence and machine vision technologies (Wietz Joubert (Founder and CEO)

Vision: “We make machines see" 


Q2 2017: The initial concept for SAFEYE was born from the collaboration between Dotnetix and a German company with offices in South-Africa. The requirement was to have a system that uses no RFID technology and can detect pedestrians, free of false alerts.
A minimum viable product was presented to demonstrate the capability of such a system. Dotnetix implemented as a first step a 3D camera system, built from the ground up and used image processing techniques to present the first steps of an intelligent machine vision system.
Q4 2017: Dotnetix was incorporated as an official business in South-Africa. The focus for Dotnetix is to focus on the development of intelligent Machine Vision systems for mining and industrial markets. 
Q4 2017: A core team of highly competent Engineers are assembled to develop the world’s first long-range AI camera system to improve safety in industrial applications. The background of the Engineers are from complex development projects, ranging from the development of the optical helmet tracker system on the F-35 Combat aircraft and laser based communications systems for last-mile connectivity.

Q1 2018: Dotnetix develop AI technology as well as the hardware for SCAS AI. System design and hardware and software development commences. SCAS (Surface Collision Avoidance System) AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the name allocated to the product.
The SCAS AI technology is demonstrated for the first time at the international BAUMA show, hosted in South-Africa.
Q4 2018: Dotnetix demonstrates the first prototypes for SCAS AI to potential clients. Further development to improve the system performance is addressed.
SCAS AI is demonstrated at the Electra mining show hosted in South-Africa.
Dotnetix prides itself as the first manufacturer for a long-range pedestrian detection machine vision system for industrial applications at the Electra mining show. 
Q2 2019: Further technology is developed to cover blind spots on large machines.
Q4 2019: The first demonstration of SCAS AI to slow down and stop a BELL Equipment machine was demonstrated. The test was successfully conducted at the BELL testing grounds in Richards bay, South-Africa. Full integration of SCAS AI was done on the CAN bus interface of the machine, which provides a speed control interface on the machine. This was used to slow down the machine in the event a person was detected in front of the machine while the machine is moving forwards or in reverse. The demonstration of this integrated solution is a success. This is the first forward facing machine vision system able to slow-down and stop a machine.
Q4 2019: First underground demonstration of SCAS AI in a diamond mine in South-Africa.
Q4 2019: To address cost and reliability of the SCAS AI system, Dotnetix commences a development upgrade for SCAS AI.
SAFEYE is born.
The initial shortcomings of SCAS AI and cost are addressed by implementing an upgraded hardware platform, improved Artificial Intelligence Engine and reduced cable interfaces to enable easier installations.
Q1 2020: We make machines see – the market strategy is established for SAFEYE. The Dotnetix website goes live, and marketing is pursued outside the scope of our initial client base.
Q2 2020: A larger SAFEYE production run to support first clients is started. Roll out the first 25 systems.
Q2 2020: Various improvements are made in the software to improve AI detections.
Q3 2020: First platinum mine installation for SAFEYE in the underground environment on a locomotive. First eight systems are deployed shortly after the trial.
Q3 2020: First underground coal mine installation for SAFEYE in underground conditions on a locomotive. A fully flame proof solution is installed for a mining group in South-Africa for various mining sites.
Q1 2021: Dotnetix commences a development project on an updated AI training data set for surface mining applications.
Q2 2021: Dotnetix signs agreement with Australian distributor after successful trial.
Q1 2021: Dotnetix establishes relationship with large volume manufacturer Etion Create to manufacture large quantity production runs. This strategy bolsters Dotnetix for large scale orders as the market demand improves for SAFEYE.
Q2 2021: Support channels and materials are established for distributors and value added resellers to provide in field support for our products.  
Q3 2021: First stacker and reclaimer systems are receiving their SAFEYE installations. Radar created many false alerts, and the client required a solution that can stop a stacker and reclaimer machine with a very low false alarm rate.  
Q3 2021: Implats Platinum (MinPro) approves the use of SAFEYE for all pedestrian detection technologies as mandated by South-African law. The JSE listed mining company established a six-month trial before making a final decision to use SAFEYE on all their machines.  The mine required that all pedestrians be detected even without them carrying an RFID tag on them.
Q3 2021: Clearview remote monitoring first demonstration and trial at strategic customer.
Q4 2021: Dotnetix signs agreement with Canadian distributor after successful trial and is expanding in other areas of the world.