SAFEYE - Pedestrian Detection System

What is SAFEYE

SAFEYE is an intelligent on-board camera that helps to prevent collisions between machinery and pedestrians. SAFEYE is an efficient and reliable answer to meet the safety demands of the construction, road work and mining sectors


The system distinguishes between pedestrians and its surroundings. Using the latest in Deep Neural Network technology with state of the art 3D image processing enables mines, ports and industrial plants to improve their safety.

No tags are required for this system to operate and can function completely independently.

Multi-Camera Operation Seamlessly integrated

dotNetix combines 3-Dimensional image processing with Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated in our camera systems.


Our system uses advanced AI to detect objects in front and at the rear of the vehicle.


The system analyses the potential of a collision with other objects and warns the driver. In the event that the driver does not respond, the dotNetix system will stop the vehicle through communicating to the vehicle control electronics.


dotNetix has developed a long range 3-dimensional camera that can accurately calculate the distance to an object up-to 40 meters for pedestrians and 60 meters for vehicles. Longer distance detection is possible for other applications.


3D Camera

Depth Perception


Accurate Ranging to detected objects

Front, Rear and Side coverage

Multi-Camera Controller



4 Cameras can be connected

4x Relay Outputs

CAN bus output

Camera controller

7" Display

Audible and  Visual Feedback


Audible feedback to the driver

Clear display that indicates hazards and field of view.


No Tags

No Interference

Reduced Accidents

Artificial Intelligence

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